ACFT Score Chart 2024: Scoring Standards Explained

ACFT Score and Scoring on the ACFT I broke this video down into five different sections that we need to go over. We need to understand that the ACFT is now based on your MOS. To get an ACFT score, it all depends on your MOS. Meaning, in the past, gender and age mattered, but all this is thrown out the window now.

Everybody is considered the same, except for your MOS, alright? Your MOS. To get your ACFT score, there are three ways to score: heavy, significant, and moderate. So, your ACFT score will always depend on what classification you’re in.

If you do not know what class you’re in, I have a calculator on the website. It makes it really simple for you. All you need to do is type in your MOS. Eleven Bravo, which would be infantry, right? That’s heavy.

Or say you’re a 92 Fox. Your ACFT score will change because now you’re just significant. Okay, we’ll go back to the chart, and I’ll explain to you what the MOS-specific means. Moderate would be the lowest level, okay? So, in significant, your ACFT score would be in the mid-range, and in heavy, your ACFT score would be the hardest. Now, this is just for your minimums, your ACFT score minimums.

Now for your maximums, your ACFT score maximums are at the top here. They are the same for everybody, no matter the age, gender, or MOS-specific. Your ACFT score max will always be the same, okay? So, let’s go through our three categories, and we will use significant as our example.

So, say you are in the significant category, like a 92 Fox, okay? All you need to do is come down here, look, right? And then you’ll see that your max is the same as everybody else’s. For the deadlift, it will be 340 pounds. Your minimum will be 180 for three reps. Right? Then you go to the standing power throw.

Your max is 12.5, and your minimum is 6.5. Just to pass your hand-release push-ups, your max would be 60, and your minimum ACFT score would be 20 reps. You’d go to the sprint-drag-carry. Your maximum would be 1:33. Your minimum would be 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The leg tuck, 20 is the max for everybody. Your minimum would be three. Two-mile run, 13 minutes and 30 seconds would be your max. Your minimum would be 19 minutes.

So, like I said before, if you don’t feel like looking at the chart all the time, because these numbers, you will forget you’re used to the APFT. All you need to do is just go to the calculator and type in your MOS. And even if you’re an officer, same thing. Warrant officer, same thing as well, just type in your MOS. It will give you your minimum and your maximum ACFT score needed on the test.

Okay, so I hope this helps out a lot. In order to get your ACFT score, you can either come to Appendix 3, Annex A. This is the newest update for the ACFT score for the year 2020. It may change after this year is over, but for right now, this is the chart that we need to go off of to get our minimum and maximum ACFT score. Or, you could take the easy route, which I do all the time. I go to my own website sometimes because this is a great way for one if you want to reclass, I’m looking to reclass so you could type in any MOS you want to look into, going into or say you’re going the officer route. You could type in what this score has changed to or if you decide to go warrant, or you are a warrant and you need to figure out what your minimum and maximum ACFT score is. It’s really simple.

These will always be updated with the ACFT score chart. So again, I hope this answers any questions you have with the ACFT score chart and how to get your ACFT score and how scoring is done on the ACFT. Enjoy the website, guys, and let me know if you have any questions.

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