In the past year Councilmember Cheh:

  • Achieved the biggest transformation of the taxicab industry in decades
  • Overhauled the District’s vehicle fleet program to address abuses, reduce the number of vehicles and overall costs of the program by increasing efficiency, and encourage use of green vehicles
  • Took a comprehensive look at parking in the District, including the abuse of disability placards by those attempting to defraud the city of parking fees — something that politicians have shied away from for years
  • Has worked closely with DDOT on the development of the streetcar system, the agency’s major capital projects (such as the 11th Street and South Capital Bridges), the installation of bike lanes, and improving the overall use of public space
  • Overseen the expansion of the District’s transportation network to include additional car sharing options (Car2Go, Hertz On Demand) and innovative digital dispatch companies for vehicles-for-hire (Uber, MyTaxi, and Hailo)

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