On the Issues


In the past year Councilmember Cheh:

  • Achieved the biggest transformation of the taxicab industry in decades
  • Overhauled the District’s vehicle fleet program to address abuses, reduce the number of vehicles and overall costs of


Councilmember Cheh has moved major environmental legislation on topics such as pesticide protection, energy that large retailers put on the District’s power grid, and Anacostia storm water control.


The Healthy Schools Act of 2010

The Healthy Schools Act of 2010 became a national model for nutrition and physical activity standards in public and charter schools across the country. The law established Healthy Schools Fund to fund certain programs and requirements under the bill. It also:

Good Government

Councilmember Cheh has introduced and enacted over 25 laws that improve the operation and efficiency of District government. While the chair of the Committee on Government Operations, Councilmember Cheh achieved the biggest transformation of the District’s merit personnel system in decades

Ethics and Campaign Finance

The Campaign Finance Reform Act

  • Would require more disclosure by elected officials of their external fundraising activities
  • Ban campaign contributions from District government contractors

Temporary Shelter for Families Experiencing Homelessness

  • A letter to the Ward 3 community from Councilmember Cheh
  • Proposed location: 3320 Idaho Avenue, NW

5333 Connecticut Avenue

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