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Nurses at United Medical Center say babies still being born there despite shutdown of obstetrics unit by regulators

Tuesday, 16 January, 2018
“I’m weighing it,” Cheh said. “I’m very committed to the council as an institution. If we’re going to properly play our oversight role, then we need cooperation from the executive branch.... more >

DC considers relaxing sunscreen ban in schools

Thursday, 11 January, 2018
“This aims to protect the health and safety of District students by ensuring that they’re not prevented from accessing sunscreen while at school,” said Cheh.... more >

D.C. Council unanimously votes to create public campaign finance program

Tuesday, 09 January, 2018
Council member Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3) said she supported the bill but wanted to make clear that there is work left to be done in addressing pay-to-play politics.... more >

Public Financing Of Campaigns Gets Unanimous Approval From D.C. Council, But Bowser Is Opposed

Tuesday, 09 January, 2018
As members of the Council took turns lauding the bill, Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) sounded one note of caution, saying that while the program could help candidates run campaigns without big-dollar contributions from businesses, it was only one step in chipping away at the public’s concern that money talks in the Wilson Building. ... more >
Jan 22

Transportation & the Environment Public Hearing

11:00 AM, Room 412 “Leaf Collection”... more >
Jan 17

Statement on Wilson High School’s Graduation and Attendance Rates

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)’s recent report indicates that at least 34% of Wilson graduates did not qualify to graduate under DCPS attendance policy “...By protecting DCPS officials, we are cheating our students, and that is appalling. It will be very difficult for me to trust future claims of growing graduation rates when we have evidence today that DCPS has been cooking the books or not following their own policies.... more >
Jan 16

Media Advisory: Cheh details 9 strategies to mitigate the financial burden of the Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge

Churches, cemeteries, and nonprofits have reportedly cut community services due to escalating DC Water bills Suggestions include: • Providing a hardship exemption or discount for nonprofit or charitable organizations and residents on fixed incomes • Encouraging DC to provide a discount on the CRIAC for customers who preserve large amounts of green space • Measuring actual storm water runoff to determine each customer’s CRIAC charge • Exempting private roads that are open to the public, such as in housing developments and cemeteries, from the CRIAC fee • Having the District of Columbia pay the CRIAC fee for public streets and sidewalks ... more >
Jan 9

Councilmember Cheh Introduces Bill to Permit Sunscreen Use at Schools

Due to sunscreen’s current status as a medication, students cannot apply sunscreen at school without a doctor’s note “Students should not be required to provide a doctor’s note in order to use their own parent-provided sunscreen at school..."... more >
Jan 9

Councilmember Cheh Introduces Sense of the Council to Support National Capital Bicycle Trail

“District residents are increasingly interested in transportation options that support the environment, promote health, and decrease traffic congestion –increasing our multi-modal infrastructure to further support cycling achieves those goals. Beyond the benefits to our existing cycling community, the trail will provide a fantastic recreational resource for those in Ward 8, where the majority of the new trail construction is planned, who want access to a safe, paved bicycle paths,” said Councilmember Cheh.... more >
Jan 5

Cheh Statement: Cars on Klingle Valley Trail long ago as August 16, 2017 and more recently on December 29th, I alerted DDOT of this problem –it is troubling that the improvements have not been made to fix what is a potentially dangerous situation.... more >

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Mary M. Cheh @marycheh 18 Jan By protecting DCPS officials, we are cheating our students, and that is appalling. My full statement on the OSSE gr…
Mary M. Cheh @marycheh 16 Jan That’s right. And we now have Ray’s Law in place to protect pets this winter —thanks to @CMBrandonTodd,…