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Problems With D.C. Circulator Buses Started With Decision To Hire Private Firm, Union Says

Monday, 11 April, 2016
“The union is saying as I understand it that we low-ball this contract amount such that they'll never be able to catch up in terms of salaries comparable to WMATA drivers. Is that true?” asked Council member Mary Cheh... more >

Cheh Presents Ceremonial Resolution to First Female Iraq Veteran Awarded Purple Heart from District

Wednesday, 30 March, 2016
As tourists buzz down Pennsylvania Avenue, inside City Hall, a local woman received an honor never awarded before in the District. Councilwoman Mary Cheh (Ward 3) honored Spc. Antoinette Scott’s service in the D.C. Army National Guard with the Antoinette Scott Recognition Resolution of 2016.... more >

D.C. Regulator Approves Exelon’s Takeover Of Pepco

Wednesday, 23 March, 2016
Opponents of the deal, like D.C. Council member Mary Cheh, say they're worried about the long-term consequences of Exelon, an Illinois-based nuclear power company, taking over a local entity. "And for decades they will be able marry their bad company to our good company, and it's like the big shark gobbling up the little happy healthy minnows for their own benefit," Cheh says.... more >

Cheh Plans to Deliver Legislation by Robot

Tuesday, 22 March, 2016
According to a press release from her office, Cheh and the makers of an autonomous delivery robot will hold a press conference tomorrow in front of the Wilson Building. Then, Cheh will give one of the robots a copy of legislation legalizing the delivery service and "instruct the robot to drive into the Wilson Building to file the legislation."... more >

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May 4

Transportation and the Environment Committee Marks Up the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Report

Report restores funding to a number of vital infrastructural, educational, and wellness programs across the District
May 2

Councilmember Cheh finds DGS’s Alternative Site Analysis for Homeless Family Shelter to be Flimsy and Inadequate

“After weeks of waiting, I’m deeply disappointed by the superficial and inadequate assessment conducted by DGS. Not only does the report appear to lack proper analysis and effort, but it features the earmarks of an agency intent on saying ‘no’ without any intention of serious consideration,” said Councilmember Cheh.... more >
Apr 19

Councilmember Cheh introduces bill to revise the District’s surplus and disposition process

The “Surplus of District Land Clarification Amendment Act of 2016” to change the way the District sells, leases, or gives away District-owned property “This legislation pushes the District to more meaningfully engage with communities in the surplus process. It would ensure that communities have an opportunity to weigh in on a surplus determination early on in the process, in order to help shape any eventual RFP, rather than automatically moving to sell the property for private development,” said Councilmember Cheh. ... more >
Mar 29

Honoring Antoinette Scott: Purple Heart Recipient

As part of Women’s History Month, Councilmember Cheh to host a ceremony honoring female veteran and Purple Heart recipient Antoinette Scott

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Mary M. Cheh @marycheh 6 May Just Released: August 1-8 designated for Red Line track work w/20-49% fewer trains between Grosvenor & NoMa #Ward3
Mary M. Cheh @marycheh 6 May Information on future @wmata schedule changes has now been released: