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First man convicted under DC revenge porn law

Tuesday, 09 May, 2017
D.C. Council member Mary Cheh said on Wednesday, “They really want to injure somebody and this really does injure them." Up until the councilwoman proposed the bill, Cheh says there was really no recourse. ... more >

D.C. Council poised to block Bowser’s backyard chicken ban

Friday, 05 May, 2017
“It’s just so absurd that it almost makes your jaw drop,” said Council member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3), expressing astonishment that large sections of Bowser’s 2018 Budget Support Act were devoted to what she considered quixotic animal regulations.... more >

Man Convicted Under D.C.’s Revenge Porn Law For The First Time

Wednesday, 19 April, 2017
Under D.C.'s image exploitation law, which was introduced by Ward 3's Mary Cheh...the publication of a sexual image of another person without their permission was formally criminalized in 2014.... more >

More LED streetlights to brighten DC, but some are wary

Tuesday, 18 April, 2017
The benefits of the LEDs include energy savings and better lighting in areas where police or neighbors hope to deter crime. “The problem is, we’re discovering that certain kinds of LED lighting have their own negatives,” Cheh said.... more >

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Jul 17

Statement on amendment seeking repeal of the District’s Death with Dignity Law

“Yet again, Congress has proven that its members are incapable of respecting the principle of autonomy –the autonomy of our locally-elected government and the bodily autonomy of our residents...... more >
Jun 14

T&E Committee Votes to Release Closed DGS Hearing Record

Independent of the Committee, Councilmember Cheh has released her findings and recommendations based upon the record.
Jun 8

Councilmember Cheh files an amendment to the Universal Paid Leave Act

Amendment would require covered employees and employers to split the fee designated for the Universal Paid Leave Implementation Fund "Sharing the costs of the Universal Paid Leave Act among employers and all resident and commuter employees is, I believe, a more sustainable and reasonable way to move forward in providing these benefits..."... more >
Jun 2

Councilmember Cheh calls for the District to join the United States Climate Alliance

“...the District’s involvement and early leadership will send the strong message that the nation’s Capital is not complicit with President Trump’s shortsighted, anti-science climate agenda...”... more >

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Mary M. Cheh @marycheh 25 Jul 'Smooth, easy and beautiful' - Rebuilt Beach Drive segment to reopen next month | WTOP via @WTOP
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